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(with help from JP and Annelise)

(last updated on 10 February 2019)

Photographs: above left taken in July 2008 in the Philippines - above right taken in the UK on 22 July 2017
Photograph above left: Taken in our home on Christmas day 2017 - photograph above right: Our Akita, Kanga, by JP
In memory of a wonderful friend

John Paul Alan - Born on 10 May 2005

Annelise Sarah - Born on 6 February 2015

Old Videos - mainly from old VHS video tapes
Videos taken before the end of 2017
Videos taken during 2018
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Cycling along the River Rhine 2016 - Our Blog Pages
Cycling along the River Rhine 2016 - In addition to our blog
St. Matthew's Church, New Hall Lane, Preston. This is the church where Alan's parents and maternal grand-parents got married and where a number of our family were Christened.
Our River Rhine trip on our website
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Reddaways Removals and Storage - this family run firm will take care of your things really well.
Contact our friend Tony if you have an old record player that needs repairing.