Annelise Sarah

Our Little Ray of Sunshine

Born in Preston on 6 February 2015

Went to Heaven on 14 May 2016


She was an inspiration to all who knew her - and to many more who never met her.

Annelise, our precious ray of sunshine

Hearts were touched by her radiant smile

An inspiration to us all

Photographs taken before Annelise was admitted to hospital on 24 May 2015 and on her 1st Birthday; the day she was discharged from hospital.

(Photographs taken on 17 April 2015, 22 May 2015 and 6 February 2016)

Poem For Annelise

We will always stay strong,
We are a family of strength - Why?
Because of our little girl, Annelise.
She is the source of our strength
and weakness,
And she is the example,
We follow her for her life.
In other ways she is the
most beautiful
most brave baby I know.

by John, Annelise's Brother
April 2016

who wrote this just a month before his 11th birthday


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The photograph above was taken on 6 April 2016 when Annelise was exactly 14 months old.

Note: I have 'removed' the feeding tube - that wasn't part of Annelise and I didn't want to see it any more.